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    Hey guys,
    Still waiting on some good weather to start my rebuild so I've been trying to figure out how I am going to wire the ride. Looking at what I could find on the web this is what I came up with. Will this basic wiring work? Forgive the notebook rough hand. Im thinking 14 g tinned strand wire for everything except the main power from the battery which will be 12 g. This is my first go at this so go easy on me if something is stupid lol. Thanks for any help. Also, can I get away with a jet ski battery for the crank/power with a 20 hp motor? IMG_20180212_123509.jpg

    Red +
    Black -
    Yellow fuses w busbar
    Blue switch panel
    Green = TM, FF, shark eyes, Motor, Bilge
    Purple batteries
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    You could probably get away with a jetski battery - many use a lawn mower battery.

    You can use 14ga for your lights and other peripherials but you can not get away with it for your cranking or your troller.

    When I wire a boat I use duplex wire that is color coded for that specific item. For example: my bow lights might be red and black; my stern light might be orange and black; my under gunnel lights purple and yellow; whatever. This way I can identify exactly what wire goes to what item without hoping and praying the label stays on.

    I get the wire from ADI Inc. and if you call them they have "over runs" they sell. They sell small coils of like 50' from a 2,000' roll when they make too much for that roll. It is not listed on their website. You get it cheap so you can't be picky on color, you get what they got.

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    I owned a B60 a few yrs ago...w/ a 20 merc 4str...it was a fun ride

    deep cycle batt. way up front for the TM
    lawn mower batt. in the back for a starter
    gps/finder on a ram mount on the side
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