Right PROP?? Rebuilt 1989 Gheenoe Classic with 25hp johnson=SLOWWWWW

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by bamitche, Aug 23, 2012.

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    My dad and I just got done rebuilding a 1989 Gheenoe.  It has a 2006 25hp johnson tiller.  We made front and rear platforms with PE foam and added a false floor.  Everything we did was top notch but I think it added quite a bit of weight.  The setup is as follows.  I have one of the larger batteries for the trolling motor in the front third of the boat.  The middle of the boat consists of a combo cooler and bait well that runs lengthwise.  I have a 6 gallon gas tank in the rear.

    I am fairly certain the motor is mechanically sound as I have had a mechanic look at it.  Good compression, good spark, clean carb, etc....

    The problem is the boat is very slow.  With just me in it and no gear I am only running about 18 mph.  I do not have a tach installed.  I am under the impression that the boat should run atleast in the upper 20's or at least be fast enough to scare me enough were I can't stand and run the tiller. 

    Is this enough info for someone to recommend a prop?  I am looking for higher top end speed because I can't keep up with other similar boats in the Everglades. 

    Would like to insert a photo of the boat but cannot figure out how.

    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome !

    What is the lu ratio ?

    if similar to merc 12 pitch is pretty good

    cav plate should be 1.5" above boat bottom

    boat should weigh less than 250 empty with no motor

  3. noeettica

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    I'll post up a photo send it to :

  4. bamitche

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    The prop that came with the motor is an Aluminum 10.3 X 13, but I actually had a SS 10 X 15 in the house and put that on after finalizing the boat. After not being able to come close to keeping up with a similar Gheenoe with an 1989 25HP in the Everglades (and he was carrying all the extra gas and supplies for both of us in his boat), I decided to put back on the Alum 10.3 X 13. Although I do not have a tach installed, the speed of the boat did not change very much between these 2 props.
    -And like I said, I am fairly sure the motor is running properly and is set up correctly.
    -Is it possible that a prop can change the top speed from 18 to 28 mph?
    *Quickly realizing I do not have the money to properly maintain a boat.
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    I don't think it's your prop no way your going to gain 10mph if you are already running 13" and tried a 15". I would check to make sure your butterfly is opening all the way on the carb.

    Something else is wrong or that's one heavy Gheenoe!!!

    Where are you located?
  6. Flyline

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    Check your throttle linkage and make sure it go all the way open with a carb.

    Make sure carb is clean.

    Check your prop and see if u have a spun hub?

    your classic with 25hp Will hit 30mph easily....
  7. Frank_Sebastian

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    I had a classic with a 25 Johnson for years. With two 200 lb fishermen and gear I would cruise at 25 mph on a smooth morning run. Top out speed with only me was close to 30 mph.