Rigging tube install prep for Gelcoat

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  1. My Skiff has one under gunnel 3/4" rigging tube where both my fuel line and electrical wires run through.

    I'm installing another one under the other gunnel to separate the wires from fuel line as a need more room and having both just doesn't sound like the best idea IMO.

    The original tube has Gelcoat over it When built my Ankona. Is the tube just a Home Depot 3/4" PVC tube or one of the other plastics which paint sticks to much better?

    My plan would be to sand down the Gelcoat to bare fiberglass, attach with PVC cement, scuff the tube, coat with resin, sand and apply the Gelcoat.

    Right way or wrong?
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    Not strong enough to stay put that way, D.
    Rigging tubes are usually 'glassed in place so that they add to the strength of the hull
    and stay put, even though the hull is flexing and vibrating continuously when being used.

    Tubes are usually thinwall pvc pipe, glassed over...

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    ^ This,
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    If all you are looking to accomplish is to get a pvc tube attached to the side - then use West System G-Flex and you won't need to sand anything.

    Clean the pipe with a cleaner to remove the print on the pipe. Use a torch to "flash" the pipe (lightly go over it - you will see it change the look very slightly) then G-Flex it where you want it.
  5. Thanks, sanding the Gel Coat off a ledge under the gunnel more then just a PITA!