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    I know some of you on this board have extensive experience in the other great hobby/ pastime (Deerfly, TomFL). Lately I've been more seriously considering expanding my gun collection. I currently have a Remington 710 in .270 caliber and a Ruger 10/22. I've been looking for a fairly priced gun (>$800) that will help round out my collection. I don't want anything that too closely resembles my current guns in character, unless it's a good deal. I've been leaning more towards a more precise, nimble round than my .270.
    After looking I've narrowed it down (I think) to either a .204, .22-250 or.223. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. I like the ballistics of the .204 the most, but of course they are the most expensive and least available. Vice versa for the .223.
    For the gun make and model I've thought about mostly Remingtons, specifically the Model 7 and Remington 750.
    If I had to buy one tonight, I guess it would be a .223 caliber Model 7. However, I would love advice on rounds, models, makes, etc. I don't care if it's unlike the models listed above. Insight would be great! My Remington 710 .270 broke last night anyways (turned into a single-shot), so it's all up in the air.
    Thanks for the help guys!
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    They can be loaded Mild to hot and all in between .... Very Versitle

    But my "favorite plinker" is an M1 carbine Paratrooper ....


  3. Brett

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    Too small, what we need here is more power!
    Don't just hit that critter...obliterate it! T-REX .577



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    FSU, there was a time that I enjoyed shooting as a hobby of sorts (me & buddy got bit by the reloading bug early 80's). Other than that I consider my guns more like tools suited for a particular job. Don't get me wrong I love shooting all sorts of guns, but I rarely buy any for the sake of just shooting them for fun. They have to serve a purpose, so my current collection primarily represents hunting and self protection calibers.

    The calibers you mentioned above have limited use to me for hunting as I'm not much of a varmint hunter. The .223 is of course a popular AR round and has no doubt caused spikes in the tomb stone industry over the years, but if I needed to protect the homestead so to speak, I have .30-06 and .308 rifles that can do that quite handily, but have only had to make venison and pork sausage to date.  :cool:

    The closest to those calibers you mentioned that I've either shot and/or hunted with is a Remington Model 7 in 6mm mag. Sweet little rig for sure, but you need to reload to get the most out of it. The other would be a Ruger M77 MKII compact in .243, which is another gem of a rifle. I'll probably end up getting one of those for my son one of these days.

    Anyway, I don't have much else to offer in the way of suggestions with what you''re looking at. About all I can say is, unless you want to get into reloading, I would stick with commonly available ammo. Reloading can take your shooting to another level though and is both fun and addicting. :)
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    For hunting deer in the woods I am partial to my Marlin 30-30. Bass Pro is running a sale right now. $365 with a scope.
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    Rugar 7mm mag is a very good all needs round. I use it on deer and hog and was able to hold my own out west with elk. strong bolt that handles travle well. all stainless that is nice when we would be in the woods 7 to 10 days and clean up was not a done daily.
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    well if your going small .22-250 a zinger for everthing to deer size

    otherwise a 30-06 or above cause ur 270 covers the mid ground
  10. TomFL

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    I'm no expert at rifle stuff for sure, I'm mostly a wing-shooter or we shoot hogs on private land with a .22 mag (in the ear).

    I will say that I really like the savage's accutrigger, makes for an incredibly accurate gun in any caliber. I bought a .22 mag bolt action one (check out the "Classic" model, it's sweet) and it's an absolute tack-driver with any ammo.

    But, I'd have to agree with the others that have posted before me:

    What will you intend to use the gun for? Just plinking? Then get a .22 lr bolt action (savage or CZ make some very accurate and inexpensive ones) and try to outdo yourself with accuracy. Cheap way to have fun shooting.

    If you're going to use it for game, then what is the intended game? Answering this would likely narrow down the caliber a lot more.

    Also, more and more public land is going "shotgun only". This really limits you to what you can buy to hunt with.

    I picked up a little H&R ultra light slug hunter in 20ga just for hog hunting down here on public land. An incredibly accurate, good shooting, inexpensive little gun that is basically the same thing as the first gun I ever owned as a kid, by the same builder. Put a good leupold scope on it and you're done.

    I will also confess I like that little Ruger .204 and have had my eye on one for years. But I have no use for it :-(

  11. FSUfisher

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    Well, I already have a Ruger 10/22 for just plinking. This rifle would be a combination of plinking and small game (varmints, bobcats, etc.) on up to deer or hogs in time. I would want it more for a precision shot than a power shot. Thanks everyone for the advice!
    Also, any opinions on the best grain round for a .270???
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    I have shot a .270 for years. The best way to find the best bullet is to try them out. Different bullets will shoot different in different rifles. My Ruger shoots Federal Fusion 130 gr. in my opionion the best. For some reason it is not as accurate with other ammo. The .270 is a flat shooting cartridge.
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    Yeah, I found my favorite round for it last Friday, a Fiocchi 130 gr. bullet. I don't have the best setup for the range, but it hit the bulls eye 3 out of 4 times at 100 yards, which is good for my gun and conditions.
    If I get another, it may most likely be a .223 or 7mm. Yeah, I know, two completely different guns.
  14. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    I agree with Deerfly - a firearm is a tool for a specific task.

    I have a fair collection that ranges from the .22 to a .375 and very rarely "just go shooting" and a few shotguns.

    Your .270 is all the gun you need here in FL or even most parts of the US unless you go after the big game.

    When I moved to FL the closest gun I had for deer and hogs was a .30-06 and quickly found that it is overkill.  So I got a .25-06 and really enjoy it.

    The .243 is a good gun for most situations here in FL but in other parts of the country, hunting for the same animals, it would not even be a consideration - not a humane kill.

    You asked about a particular bullet for the .270 - if you are looking for a powerhouse the scirocco is the one - 130 grian has super ballistics.  On the other hand, for plinking and varmits the 100 grain express would be gentle on the shoulder.  I would, however, suggest you buy a box of "say" 10 different loads and find out which one YOUR gun likes - because every gun has a peculiar taste for ammo.

    Of the guns you mentioned - the .223 would be my choice for these reasons 1) readily available ammo 2) cost of ammo 3) readily available parts for the gun.

    Example: you go on a hunting trip and realize you forgot your ammo - Oh, but Wally World is open at 2am - what ammo do they carry?
  15. Frank_Sebastian

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    If it just has to be shot up overnight this one will do the job and doesn't require a CWP.


    I have some .50 BMG and .308 M 14 ammo available if anyone is interested in a deal.

    Best Frank_S
  16. FSUfisher

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    Thanks for the advice DuckNut. You're right, the reason I'm looking for more of a finesse gun is that the .270 can be just as much, if not more than I need, based on the ammo load. As funds allow me, I will buy more rounds to shove through the gun to see which bullet it likes the most. So far the Fiocchi 130 gr. round actually out shot some Remington 100 gr. rounds.
    And yes, one of the reasons the .243 is so desirable is that I actually just started doing what you are talking about and looking for what's available every time I'm around an ammo cabinet in a store. There is always .243 ammo it seems...
  17. FSUfisher

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    Good Lord :eek:
    More rifle than I need at this time I think.
    Would I like to shoot it... hell yeah!
  18. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL


    Another option if what you are trying to do is be humane and slowly build a collection is to check out the Thompson Encore. It is a stock with interchangeable barrels. The barrels are significantly less expensive than a whole gun. I have heard many good things about them and I have been paying more and more attention to them.

    On one hand it will not burn through ammo because it is not a repeater. On the other, knowing it is a single shot, it should mentally make you take better shots.

    It is available in a plethera of calibers.

    Going back to the .270- keep in mind that you may not need 3/4" groups if it blows your shoulder off. There is a line where you enjoy shooting and when you get kicked.

    I always get a kick out of people who shoot magnum shells at ducks and get the crap kicked out of them by the end of the day thinking the payload is faster because it is a magnum load. Hehe...if they only knew. In reality, they are only shooting a heavier load (with less gunpowder) and the lupes (pressure) built up in the chamber is huge at the same speed - and they enjoy that for 12 more pellets (will vary based on shot size).

    With that said, YOU need to enjoy the shot and be able to tolerate the recoil as well. If you flinch at all when you pull the trigger -you are not comfortable with the load/gun and that will affect your payday shot.

    One way to handle the "forgotten" ammo crisis is this: if you and some buddies go off on a hunting trip the chance that all of you forget your ammo is extremely low. Solution - get the same gun that they use and take some of their ammo when they're not looking so you don't look so stupid.