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reverse problems.... help. also motor "stuttering"

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1) Okay when i put my johnson into reverse it will not move at all, it sounds like its not going in to the right gear? maybe?
When i try to put it in reverse it goes "Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click" really fast and then when i put the throttle further down it just revs loud and then keeps clicking?

2) also when i'm running full speed i can feel the engine going really high in rpm's and then going lower and higher like a roller coaster. Then when i am idling it will cut off unless i am going faster than idle?

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Is it a tiller motor or remote?

If it is a tiller, it sounds like your clutch dog in your lower unit is shot.

If it is a remote, the shift linkage might need adjustment.

If you drain the lower unit and find metal flakes and chunks, it is the clutch dog, based on your description.

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I would try adjusting the shift cable to allow more travel in the reverse direction first. You could also disconnect the shift cable and see if you can shift into reverse manually. This will tell you if it is the adjustment or a clutch dog problem
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