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    I first just want to take the time to thank all our anglers and sponsors for making this tourn. possible we had35 boats with 75 participants in the tourn. Without their support none of this would have been possible. Because of their generosity we were able to raise $3500.00 for donation to St Jude Children’s Hospital.

    The event was an overall success and with some constructive criticism we are going to make sure this event is bigger and better next year. Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to Jorge Martinez for the amazing original artwork provided as awards for the winners.

    Also, a special thanks to Capt Rob Fordyce and Flip Pallot for donating their time and participation for this tourn. and cause. They made the event unique and added a level of fun competition to the tournament.

    Largest redfish: Greg Hutcheson 27.5[ch8243]

    Largest snook: Erik Tietig 33.5[ch8243]

    Largest Trout: Capt Benny Blanco 22[ch8243]

    Individual Grand Champion:Capt Benny Blanco all 3 species total 75[ch8243]

    Team Grand Champion: Erik Estrada and Alex Hernandez

    3 species each total 132[ch8243]

    Celebrity Challenge Winners(Flip Pallot score was 3 species 67[ch8243])

    Capt Benny Blanco: all 3 species 75[ch8243]

    Chris Hueston: all 3 species 70.5[ch8243]

    Erik Tietig: all 3 species69.5[ch8243]

    Adam Gelber: all 3 species 69.5[ch8243]

    Carmen Perez-Pardon: all 3 species 68[ch8243] (top female angler)

    Eric Estrada: all 3 species 68[ch8243]

    Honorable Mention:

    Capt. Brian Esposito and Rick Hess

    Brian caught all 3 species (33[ch8242] redfish, 31[ch8243] snook and 17[ch8243] trout)

    Rick caught all 3 species (15[ch8243] redfish, 37.5[ch8243] snook, and 18 ” trout)

    They had to be disqualified for being 5 minutes late and therefore missed out on taking home several awards. Sorry Guys

    See pictures from the tourn at
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    Glad you guys had a great turnout.... I wish I was still down in Miami to fish the tourney.... Also miss stopping in to chat with you Ash.... hope to see you when I get some vacation time down there...