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Replacing Lowrance HDS 7 - Difference between new models?

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Prepping for the spring fishing season and found out my HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch is broken. Lowrance will replace it with the same unit for $325, but I think I'd rather upgrade.

I'm looking at either the HDS or the Elite Ti2. Can anyone speak to the difference I'd see between the two? For ~$900 difference between the 9" models I'd almost consider the 12" Elite Ti2 as well. I will be running Florida Marine Tracks, if that makes a difference...

Also, how would I find out if the transducer I have for the HDS 7 Gen 2 would work with either of the new units? Ideally I'll just swap out the head unit and not have to worry about re-rigging anything. Thanks in advance for any assistance!