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Anyone have a thought or two on how I should complete this repair? My friend building a poling platform on my RiverHawk B-60 Procaster had the plug in during his end of the project, water got in the boat, and he noticed some slight drips coming from underneath along the keel, where there seem to be some voids in the fiberglass.So the good news is the problem is identified and should be easy enough to fix.

I plan to fiberglass over the spots - no problem there. But I am mostly new to the game. Will one layer of fiberglass be sufficient or should I use several layers? Extra reinforcement for the front area or the whole length? The hull is a bit thin anyway. Should I do the whole bottom for some added strength, since will be around oysters, use a “keel saver” tape along some or all of the keel, or use bed liner on the entire bottom surface?

Please type slowly.

For other details, I’m about 8 years into the project now, but with life getting in the way combined with my own deficient skill set, it has been a long project. Otherwise, and aside from these newly discovered leaks, the boat (and especially the platform) is magnificent.

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