Hey All,

Have a history of selling fly gear on here in the past with no issues. Have been off the forum for a long time. Here is a list of reels I have up for sale to any parties interested. Group pic included - can send individual pics on request. Model, Condition, Backing and Price all listed. All reels have pouches, some have boxes. All reels are setup left hand.

Please reach out with any questions or interest. I'm located in Charleston, SC if anyone is local. Not traveling on business this week so any interested parties I can ship asap.
Art Circle Electric blue Font Body jewelry

Tibor EvergladesBlueGreatMicronSold
Tibor Riptide Quick Change w/ extra spoolGoldCherryHatch PremiumSOLD
Tibor Riptide Quick ChangeSilverGoodHatch PremiumSold
Tibor RiptideBlueCherryMicronSold
Tibor GulfstreamBlueCherryMicron$ Sold
Tibor Signature 5/6Black w/ limeGreatHatch Premium$ SOLD
Tibor Signature 7/8Blue w/ dark greyBrand NewMicronsold
Tibor Signature - 9/10Silver w/ blackGoodHatch Premiumsold
Tibor Signature 11/12SGold w/ lime - she's a beaut ClarkCherryHatch PremiumSOLD
Hatch 5+ - 2nd GenKelpBrand NewMicron$ Sold
Hatch 5+ - 2nd GenAtlantic BlueBrand NewHatch Premiumsold
Hatch 7+ - 2nd GenAtlantic BlueExcellentHatch Premiumsold
Hatch 7+ - 2nd GenRoyal Blue + OrangeGreatHatch PremiumSOLD
Hatch 9+ - 2nd GenAtlantic BlueGreatHatch PremiumSOLD
Hatch 11+ - 2nd GenAtlantic BlueCherryHatch Premium$ 640.00
Ross R Salt 7/8SilverExcellentMicron$ 525.00
Abel Super 7/8Redfish FinishBrand NewHatch Premium$ Sold
Nautilux CCFX 10/12SilverGreat/ExcellentHatch Premium$ Sold
Mako 9500 - Left HandBlack Original FinishCherryHatch Premium$ Sold
Mako 9550 - Left HandBlack Original FinishCherryHatch PremiumPosted to the Bay
Mako 9600 - Left HandBlack Original FinishCherryHatch PremiumPosted to the Bay
Mako 9700 - Left HandBlack/Silver - Original FinishBrand NewHatch PremiumSOLD
Charlton 8450C - Left HandBlackBrand newMicronPosted to the Bay
Charlton 8500 .8 - Left HandBlackGood/GreatMicronPosted to the Bay