Rediculous pricing on used flats boats

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mandell1jz, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Yep...just as summer is almost over along comes IRMA, then insurance checks and the replacement boat.
  2. Gordon Johnson

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    Kinda like spending 40.00 on a yeti bucket.
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  3. Cliff

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    A boat, car or anything else is worth what someone is wiling to pay. No need to complain about what people are asking for their used boats-if there is a complaint (and I don't think there is) it should go to the people who are willing to pay the price. I suspect there are many people on this forum that value getting a couple inches skinnier and staying a little bit drier. This value translates into willingness to pay and therefore high used and new boat prices. Ahh-the free market at work.
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    sweat equity.
  5. mosquitolaGOON

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    Stop worrying about what other people spend their money on.
  6. SomaliPirate

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    I won't buy a Lexus because Hal says they're crap.
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    Wait for the next "Down Turn" Pennies in the dollar ...
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    Right. I wasn’t in the skiff market in 2009 to 2013, but I hear skiffs were very reasonably priced. Ultimately, these are totally discretionary assets for most buyers. The guides are an exception, but skiffs are luxury items for the rest of us.

    Kayaks are cheaper.
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  11. yobata

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    There are multiple Mitzi skiffs to be found for under $10k.
  12. fjmaverick

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    Its inflation
    I try to go to MIBS and FLIBS each year and have since I was a kid
    Every year I see 10-20% steady increase

    A clear example of a boat that they dont make anymore is the 21 contender
    I love watching the market on that boat
    As soon as someone lists a hull that is newer than 2010 they all come out of the woodwork from the early 90s asking for 30+k
    My dads boat was a 2012 21 contender that he sold with a 2012 f200 and it had bottom paint.
    The boat just sold for about 8k more than he sold it for. (The new owner repowered with a suzuki 300 and had the bottom paint removed).

    Personally I like to buy a boat that has already depreciated and do a little bit of work to bring it up to my standards
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  13. MariettaMike

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    1) Considering this site is known for low balling tire kickers that aren't shy to disrespect a seller's thread with BS responses I think the prices on this forum are intentionally inflated. They even made a rule against it, but you'll still see it in the "Not Mine" posts.

    2) The majority of luxury cars are leased based on ridiculously high residual values to keep monthly payments low and take market share. Those cars are typically turned in because of that high residual, and then auctioned back to dealers. From there the market and banks decides what they are worth. The volume of cars being bought and sold supports lower pricing and margins. None of this is true for flats boat sales, and you will never see a BoatMax with no haggle pricing.

    3) As others have stated a flats boat is a luxury item. Many choose to keep their flats boat in the garage and leave their car in the driveway. Some have to because of HOA rules. But regardless most folks that can afford luxury items take care of their stuff, and thus the values stay up.

    4) Flats boats don't really have any moving parts besides the hatch hinges to wear out. And engines will outlast the average recreational fisherman's lifetime usage with proper maintenance.

    5) The legal definition of "Fair Market Value" is the Agreed Price between a "willing seller" and a "willing buyer". So some people are just more willing than others.

    "Where there is will there is a way. Where there is no will there is an excuse."
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    If you want my 03 Whipray, refurbed by Glasser, 2015 tohatsu, 50/4, 2017 rolls aluminum, the price is 38k. Go cry me a river.
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    Dats right brotatochip.
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  17. Seeing Spots

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    Not all boats are built the same just like not all cars, I’m not a Lexus fan it’s just a overprice Toyota, with that said your buying the prestige and the image. Hell I have a Rolex and Seiko keeps better time. It’s the image and quality, it’s the total package of what it is your putting value in. A Mitzi skiff is not a Hells Bay and a Lexus is not a Toyota(yes it is). And another thing, what does that 40,000 miles on that lexus equate to? Highway or city driving , even if you cut that in half your still taking about hours of hard use. Average boaters use 50 hours a year give or it take. Let’s move it up and that 10 year old boat has 1000 hours on it. Is that the same use as your 40000 mile car? Owing a high end boats also means that person usually has $$$$$, they don’t have to sell it. It was covered, garage kept, waxed and the maintenance/repairs were done top notch. They probably hardly used it because that have 3 boats. One more note, if you can’t afford it you will not be able to take care of it. I have a car that a brake job costs $1500, sometimes I question if I really need it. I love that car and that’s the maintenance that has to be done so I do it. I have seen 100’s of boats in those ranges and if you don’t take care of your shit it’s worthless... if you do.. than the value is in what someone is willing to pay.
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  18. Net 30

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    I know from personal experience that the market for classic Hells Bays is pretty soft & not what it was 2-3 years ago.

    You'll see really nice Hells Bay from the great years (1999-2002) sitting in the classified section for weeks/months with no activity. Before I decided to sell my 17.8, I had numerous offers in the past 3 years from MS members and others for some crazy money. This summer, when it finally came time to sell, the offers were few and far between and I ended up getting $4k-$5k less than I could have years before...I was pretty surprised...:(

    I think the availability of some really nice NEW mid-priced skiffs (Beavertail, Cayo & East Cape) has def. had an impact on the previously high $ sales on "classic" used skiffs.
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    And now you have quality welded hulls made by Xtreme Boats in Bonifay for prices that nip at the heels of Chop strand Hulls !!! LoL ...
  20. RJTaylor

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    Sometimes prices may reflect a desire to NOT sell. ;)
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