Recent move to Dragonfly 4 Pro

Discussion in 'Power it up with Electronics' started by chesfisherman1, Apr 24, 2015.

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    Wanted to share an upgrade I did last week from 4" lowrance monochrome combo.

    Bought Dragonfly 4 Pro...comes with
    -Crisp but small color display.
    -Chirp sonar
    -Downscan imaging
    -Wifi hotspot- let's me connect phone/tablet to unit for downscan imaging. (real time or take pictures)

    Cost 350...(navoinics+ 200 alone)

    Was looking to use hds 10 from other boat but cost for card and RAM mount was 400. My hds is gen 1...not supported as mainstream product by lowrance...2.2k f-me.

    Overall...unreal price/perfomance/tech.

    Potential Con
    -Shallow water sonar may require tune loses signal....1-3 ft)

    Still using unit but think I am in love....all this tech cost me 150 (Minus cost of navoinics+ card which is a given)

  2. chesfisherman1

    chesfisherman1 I Love!

    Re: Recent move to Dragonfly 4 Pro-Navoinic+/Chirp/Downscan/Wifi=$350

    Revised my title....
    Think this package with Navionics+ with Chirp/Downscan/Wifi for 350 is mind blowing value...

    Anyone else have a Dragonfly?