Rebuild or buy new?

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by tim_henshaw, Jul 21, 2012.

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    So here is the deal. I have a 1995 Maverick Mirage that has the original motor on it (Yammy 70hp). The motor has begun to get a very slight knock on it, and it seems like she is in the mechanic at least once a month now. From what my mechanic tells me its only a matter of time. He also told me he can completely rebuild my engine for around 2500-3000 with all factory parts etc. I really dont have 7-9k laying around to repower with a brand new engine, nor do I want a an extra payment for something right now. But if rebuilding engines is kinda iffy, Id rather put 3k down on a new engine and make the boat payments a bit more manageable for a broke ass college student like myself. Thoughts guys?
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    You need to look for another mechanic and get a second opinion and a second quote for a rebuild. That quote is too high. Also when I had a 25hp Yamaha the owners manual said that high octane fuel can be used when engine knock occurs. I dont know if that will help reduce it or not but its worth a try.

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    3k sounds very high, look for another mechanic, or learn to work on it yourself. You have a great motor on that boat, I personally would find a way to rebuild rather then buying a new one because a newer 4-stroke will be heavier.
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    If you post where you live in your profile then someone on here could give you a name of a mechanic they trust.
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    If the technicain is using a yamaha power head the price seems about right to me.
    6H3-W0090-41-4D  complete crankcase assy.      $2000
    water pump kit                                                  $100
    Carb kits                                                           $100
    Misc shop supplies                                             $100
    Labor R&R power head  4.0@$75/hr                   $300
    Labor R&R water pump 1.0@75/hr                      $75
    Labor R&R cabs 3.0@75/hr                                 $225
    Subtotal                                                               $2900.00
    Tax                                                                      $203.00
    Total                                                                    $3103.00

    This is just off the top of my head reall quick but $2500-$3K doesn't seem out of the ball park if he is using a Yamaha Assy.