Reasons for not trusting your GPS...

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    The Real truth will come out ....

    I don't trust the "Victim"

    I was Lied to by Community Development ...Lol
    but that's a different story ...

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    First I will say that if true there is nothing that can ever be done to replace the memories that man had in that house. Second is the tangible things like his mother's dining set; not to mention the house itself.

    Having said that, it seems a little fishy with the statement that he noticed the hole in the walls where the FPL power box was and the power lines cut before the demo. If that was my house, and I had no power outside I think I'd have called FPL and the police immediately.

    The only explanation I can think of is maybe he didn't actually live there. In which case, maybe it was a problem/crack house and maybe he'd been warned by the county and never did anything about it so they squashed it..