Reason to wear sunscreen...

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  1. Well some people learn the hard way... Like me... What can I say I'm a sun-a-holic.  However, when you're in the sun a lot you need to where sunscreen... Here's why..

  2. aaronshore

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    I got one on my back only not as big

  3. Yea.. they had cut out about a 2 inch hunk of skin... It was a form of benign melanoma so they wanted to make sure they got it all... Which thankfully they did..
  4. HaMm3r

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    Ouch! :( Glad it was benign. :)

    I hate to suggest it, but maybe it's time to start covering up when fishing. ;)
  5. deerfly

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    roger that, hats, long sleeve shirts and pants too! :cool:

    Sorry to see you or any one for that matter get hit with this stuff, but at least they got it and now you know what you're up against. I gotta 7" scar on my back(malignant melanoma) and a nearly a dz smaller scars from basal, squamous, dysplastic nevi, etc, etc. My biopsy and surgery location charts look like some bizarre hieroglyphics. :-[ Wrong skin for an outdoor kid and I'm paying dearly for it now. If there's a good side to it my blonde hair blue eyed kids see what I'm going through, so we don't have to stay on them too hard about lathering up with sunscreen and protective clothing. - eric
  6. phishphood

    phishphood Beer is good, Beer is good, and stuff!

    Can't we keep Garry covered up instead?

    Don't worry Sophie, guys dig chicks with scars. Take good care of it. See you Saturday.
  7. LOL. Yea I've accepted the fact that I'll have quite a few scars. Like you said Jason, I think they're pretty cool.. :D

    Eric- That's the same way my mom is. She's had so many things remove I think she's lost count. Luckily I have my Dad's skin so I take it a little better... But staying covered up is the way to go!
  8. JRH

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    It's either seeing what you've gone through, or as I recall it when we've fished together:

    "Trey, did you put on your sunscreen? Put some on right now or your mother is gonna whoop both of our azzes." ;D ;D
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    So much for blond / blue supremacy. ;D ;D
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    Reminds me of a scene in a movie with Mel Gibson and Rene Russo comparing scars. ;D ;D ;D
  11. deerfly

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    Jason, for an attorney you have a very good memory. ;D But notice my comment was "so we don't have to stay on them too hard" I didn't say they weren't still kids that need to be reminded of everything 15 or 20 times a day. :)
  12. tojo

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    Years of surfing did me in. So far the count on me is one melanoma, four basal cell carcinomas and one squamous cell. Also, it appears that I am getting pathology reports consistent with discoid lupus as a result of sun damage.

    That is why I am generally in long sleeves and always wear a hat. Every now and again. I succumb to the urge to feel the sun, but that is few and far between.

    Have ya'll ever seen my kids without their bush hats on? I hope they will learn from my mistake.
  13. deerfly

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    yup, surfing and free diving were my evil endeavors. Hard to wear protective clothing doing that stuff, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have figured something out. Brutal way to learn a lesson 20+ years later.
  14. the_knotty_oar

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    damn, my dad just had the same thing.. what did it look like before??
  15. Just a regular freckle... but it's looking pretty good now...


    My doctor is the man!
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    Sophie, we're glad you're doin' OK and out fishing again!
    [smiley=1-thumbsup3.gif] Dave and Susan
  17. :D Thanks! It's great to be back!