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  1. cwalden

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    I always get a kick out of watching fishing shows with these guys and their 200+ Hp motors on a 20ft boat. But I saw one today that takes the cake. The guy was fishing in the Miami area canals with a 21ft Triton and a 225hp motor. To beat that, he was jetting around in them at 50+ mph. If I am not mistaken, most of them are no wake zones anyway. But is it really neccessary to go 50+ mph in a canal that is only about 5ft wide? Really??? What if he turned the corner and one of use was sittin there in a skiff or kayak. I would be PISSED!
  2. makin moves

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    you wouldnt be pissed you would most likely be dead. :-[ You bring up a great point

  3. Bush_Whacker

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    Canal cruizin' Miami Vice style is definetly a risky way to drive.
  4. firecat1981

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    Funny thing is I read an article that said Miami's canals and waterways have a huge amount of sunken and partially sunken boats. I believe something like 10,000 old boats are rotting away down there. Hit one in a canal and you will end up in someones patio ;D
  5. aaronshore

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    On a side note, that would be alot of fun.
  6. cwalden

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    THAT might be worth seeing... :cool:
  7. Mike_Poczik

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    I saw that as well. It was George Poveromo's show. I thought the same thing about flyin around them ditches.
  8. cwalden

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    That's the one. I wasn't going to mention any names. I normally like his show a great deal. he even had another show today that was in Biloxi Bay. A place that I fish often. It was a Poveromo Marathon today. 7 or 8 shows in a row.
  9. oysterbreath

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    I've got some rather unfriendly words for people like that fella! ;-)
  10. cslascro

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    Its a TV show. They probably had a crew checking to make sure the corners were clear so that they could get sweet Miami Vice shots. You're right, though. This is not necessary or safe for the average boater to be doing. Those canals are a lot of fun at a slow speed as the peacock bass are basically everywhere. I spent several days on nothing but the trolling motor in those canals when I lived there and caught fish all day.
    The TV guys just need to showcase the sponsors' products. Triton obviously stuck in your head, and I'll bet you wouldn't have to think too hard to recall the name on that motor ;)
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  12. Mike_Poczik

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    Actually it was a Nitro boat. I thought it was odd that Bass Pro the sponsor would take an offshore guy and put him in a ditch rocket and have him trying to catch bass. Only caught 1 dink bass and a few small Peacocks. I guess Bass Pro must be strugglin for Nitro sales. And yea I normlly like his shows as well.
  13. TomFL

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    Actually, in my experience anyway, they feel the fact that it's a TV show gives them carte blanche to do whatever they so choose, like buzz through canals, barge their way onto local spots, and generally fish like nobody else matters.

    "Hey, we're filming a TV show" are the words I've heard here in the inlet when a certain overweight numbnuts from the west coast shows up and pisses off the locals for his TV show.

    I don't know George personally, and I do like his show, but I've liked shows/hosts before and most times I've been disappointed to meet those people in real life situations on the water.

    I kinda like meeting more low-key people who don't disturb me while I'm trying to relax and fish, or put me at risk of getting run over by a pocket rocket in a narrow canal.