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    I have 4 planes for sale, I would like to sell all 4 of them together as a group-
    1st is a .40 sized trainer plane, OS .40la engine, round a 5 ft wing span, minor hanger rash-
    2nd is a .25 sized mustang OS .25la - totaly a pylon/ combat plane it is very fast and very maneuverable-
    3rd is an ace simple series corsair, this is the only plane that is not Ready To Fly as i am keeping the motor and mount.
    4th is a scratch built 1/2a blue angle, no electrics, no motor.

    the trainer and mustang are ready to fly- I will include a Hitec Flash 4 radio, ALL aircraft except the blue angle have hitec 555 micro recievers in them and all servos in place. I will also include a set of floats to fly the trainer off of water!

    200.00 + shipping I am guessing shipping will be in the neighborhood of 40.00- if it is less I will refund the difference!
    if your close I will deliver~
    will also include starter, glow plugs, and more so your off and flying right.