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I've had mine since christmas.
Got it on sale at west for $499 with the gold navionics.
The charts are very detailed and more importantly accurate
Also the sounder is amazing, to a lot of guys on here a sounder is useless but I do a lot of bottomfishing and freedive/spearfishing and this unit is the bees knees,its hlped me find numerous nice ledges, and random coral heads. Its sounder is only accurate to 300ft but in reality that's all you need unless you plan on deep dropping. its also great for marking bait (again, awash with most users on this site)
For the money, the screen size, clarity, sounder, and charts are light years ahead of the comparibky priced gatmin 541 or 441. Some of the lowrances come close but I have replaced WAY too many at work to buy one myself (my personal opinion). Also, I was also a garmin person, which are easy to use. The raymarine takes a little playing with and possibky some reading of the owners manual buy once you figure it out its super simple because of the fact it only has one button and one knob.
My only gripe is a screen cover and flush mount kit are separate. There only about $10 each but that's it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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