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  1. oysterbreath

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    Anyone know a good source for raw wood veneer. I've done a little research but couldn't find much that wasn't gonna cost me an arm and a leg. I've seen some shabby veneer that cost twice as much as actual marine ply of the same species. You would think the ply wood cost more or have a more checked surface but that wasn't the case at all. The ply was cheaper and had a better face. Help us Obiwon, you are my only hope!
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    I was looking at veneers for a furniture build recently.
    Used a site called Woodfinders.
    Linked all sorts of veneer suppliers.
    Prices are still going to be high due to shipping costs.
    Quality materials are always expensive.
    Input zip code, type of lumber, species of lumber and hit search
    returns local suppliers ( at least those in the same time zone)


  3. oysterbreath

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    I checked out the site. Nothing in the area according to the site. I HAD 3 sources but these folk don't reply promptly small orders....