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Hi all there isn't much info on the forum for the Ranger Phantom so I figures I would throw together a quick thread with my setup I needed up with for anyone conducting a future search.

Boat Info:
2005 Ranger Phantom 168
2005 Yamaha T60tlrd high thrust
     This is the big foot model with the 2.33 gearing
6" jackplate

Neither power tech or Sarasota prop gods have dealt with this setup before so it took some guess work but I think they got it right.

I've run 2 props on this boat:

Quicksilver: QS M5114, 3 blade, 13 3/8" diameter, 14 pitch, stainless steel
Whole shots jackplate down: average=6.7 seconds to plane
Whole shots jackplate up: impossible
Max speed: average=32.7
Max jackplate: 3.5" before blowout
Trim: completely negative all the time no positive at all!
Problems: terrible porpoising! without trim tabs this prop is useless.  Blows out with any positive trim or use of jackplate.  Do not put this prop on this boat your boat will move but you will not be happy.
Power tech: rxb4r13pym90, 4 blade, 13 1/4" diameter, 13 pitch, stainless steel, drilled 5/16" holes
Whole shot jackplate down= average 6 seconds
Whole shot jackplate up: almost instantly maybe 2-3 seconds
Max speed: 33-34 before needing trim tabs (my tabs quit working so don't know  beyond that)
Max jackplate: you can run this thing at 6" all day but your best efficiency is around 4"
Minimum plane speed: 15 or so
Synopsis: home run!  My initial impression when it arrived was "my god that's a lot of metal to turn for this little motor!"  But it does it well.  Power tech picked out the right prop for me it took several phone calls to them and to Jeff at Sarasota prop gods but we all finally settled on this one .  Power tech initially suggested a 14 pitch  and Jeff convinced me  to order a 13 I'm glad I did.
If I had the $ I would swap a 12p just to see how it performs but right now I don't.

PM me with any questions and If you have info on your  phantom's setup please reply to the thread with it.

Late  :cool:
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