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  1. Captain_Shane

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    I'am in the process of running my motor controls. I bought the motor with the controls attatched. He had the controls mounted on the side(side controls/Quick Silver). I need to mount the controls on the side of the center console. Money is too short to buy a new set of controls and these are basically new. The problem i have is that the 8 pin connector at the motor is pretty big.....too big to snake under my floor. I opened the side controls and see that the motor harness has numerous wires that plug into the side mount control. I would like to disconnect all the wires and snake the loose wire end through from the stern back up into the center console. I'am concerned that I may not be able to get all the wires to lay back neatly inside the side control. Got any tips? Any pitfalls I should be worried about. If I screw this up I'am gonna be :'(
  2. Brett

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    Connectors come in all shapes and sizes
    find a round 8 (or more) pin watertight connector pair
    use that as your splice point, either under cowl or under console.
    I know most outboard manufacturers use 'em.
    There may even be a round connector under the cowl at the other end of the cable.
    I know there were on all my old OMC cables,
    that's how I always fed them through the chase,
    from the console to the motor, round connector first.
    I think the connector is called a cannon plug.

    something like this


  3. Captain_Shane

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    The cannnon plug (motor end)is too big to go under the floor...thats why I am asking about running it from the motor to the console instead of from console to motor.
  4. Brett

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    Sounds like a cut and reconnect under the console job to me.
    That leaves the wires in the control box alone.
    Add a couple of junction blocks that will allow you to reconnect color to color easily.
    Mount the blocks up high and dry.