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       I recently joined the ranks of Gheenoe'ers, for over 50 years prior I thought the Boston Whaler type design was the way to go for a fishing boat. My last boat was a 16' Alumacraft with a 25 Rude, concole steering, and a bow mounted TT motor. I was hurt very bad in Viet Nam in 1967 and I am now 62 so time hasn't been good to my body as far as hurting and that barge was just too heavey for me anymore. I sold it 4 years ago when I went back to school and got my Doctorate of Theology Degree and wanted to go fishing again so I got the 15'4" Noe. I really wanted a Bass boat--the 15' 6" with a 25 hp that would go, " Flat Out Like A Lizzard on A Flat Rock", I watch TV and my wife likes Crocidile Hunter, me I am a 4th generation FL Cracker.

    1) Being new to the Noe, what is NMZ?

    2)I see some of the pic's of boats for sale and in some of them it looks like a Gheenoe family reunion, where are all these places that have so many Gheenoe's for sale, I bought a boat and motor all new but it isn't what I wanted just what I could find at the time and I would have loved to have so many selections to look at. I got a 15' 4" with an 8 hp Yamaha and a galvanized trailer installed seats out the door for $4082.00 then traded the 8 hp for a 9.9 and another $425.00. I think I could have done better and gotten what I wanted.

    3)I have beeen toying with the idea of maby installing steering in my boat as I am the only one fishing most of the time so is there a web site that would show me the mechainics of how steering works, some thing like diagrams. I would also need to know how to throttle and shift from a steering position so if there are diagrams on the web I would need to go there also.

    4)Push Pole! Dad used a Cypress sapling that was long and straight so he had a bulg at one end and slim at the other and his poles were about 10' or so, I use a 1 1/4" X 12' pine wood dowel out of Lowes. I am somewhat intrigued by the fiberglass and aluminum poles I have been seening on this site and would like to put my hands on one to see what they are like. I live in Salt Springs, FL.

    5)Fishing---I can do that! Close to my house, 6 miles, is Salt Springs run that goes to Lake George. During the summer months the bluegill and shellcrakers come in by the droves plus blue crabs. I was taught at a very young age, 5 and up, how to find and catch these things, every one goes out and comes home with empty boats and I am sinking under the weight of fish and crabs when I come home. I also was taught fishing in the intercostal water way from St. Augustine to Titusville, dad lived out off the bounty of the water.

    Man's boat sunk and he swam to an Island. After many days he built a shack out of stuff he found on the shore that had washed up. One day there was a terrible storm and his house was struck by lightining and burned to the ground but it took a day and a half to burn down. He was so disgusted he sat down on the shore and thought about how unlucky he was. Two days later a boat anchored off the shore and a little boat came in where he was sitting on the shore. The man that got out of the little boat told him he was here to rescue him but the man was confused and asked how he knew he was there and needed to be rescued. I saw your smoke signal.

    Never look at bad luck as bad but as a comma in your life, when you get to the period you have reach the luck you bought.
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    1) Being new to the Noe, what is NMZ?

    Its a 15'4" Highsider with a custom interior and a light weight transom. The interior is built with raised decks front and rear. There is also a different center box and it has rod holders. The HP rating for a NMZ is 5 HP but can be 10 HP if you custom order one with a beefed up transom.

    2)...where are all these places that have so many Gheenoe's for sale?

    Gheenoes are made in Titusville, Fl and there area a lot in central Florida on both coasts. The rest of Florida has a their share too.

    3)....Is there a web site that would show me the mechainics of how steering works?

    Not to my knowledge but the most common steering package used on a Gheenoe is stick steering from Ezy Glide

    Custom Gheenoe or your local dealer should be able to help you install it. If you do it yourself please take pictures and post a how to for other to see.

    4)...I...would like to put my hands on one (push pole) to see what they are like.

    I also used a closet rod from Home Depot as my first push pole. I still have it. Mine is 15'. I recommend using as long of a pole as you can find. Many here think that the closet rods are great until you do hours of poling and then you will want to go with a hybrid or carbon fiber pole.

    It shouldn't be that hard to find one. If you make your way over to Mosquito Lagoon or the Indian River you should see them everywhere. I am in Orlando and went to the local bait shop today. They had a bunch of them. Any boat store selling new flats boats will have them too.

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    1) Being new to the Noe, what is NMZ?

    I may have read into this a little too much. NMZ stands for No Motor Zone. Its a fishing area that does not allow motors. Gheenoe make a model named NMZ for those area too ::)