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    This is my first post and i am looking for some help. I have an old canoe that needs to be refinished. I am wondering which is the best way to repaint inside and outside. I have heard about epoxy paints like interlux perfection. But it is expensive i think for this application. I was wondering about marine polyurethane paints and how well do they hold up? Also as you can see from the pictures it has cracks un the bottom.  Does anyone have tips on repairs. And if i should been a fairing compound which would be best. I am not sure if polyester or vinyl resin was used. And last is the seats in the canoe are soft but not broken. And i am thinking about strengthening them while i am refinishing it instead of having to come back and do it again at a later date. Any help you guys could give me would be great. I have seen some of the projects you guys have done. thanks




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    definitely fix the cracks and strengthen the seat before you paint, you might be able to glass some wood supports under the seat to give it strength otherwise maybe lay some glass cloth over the seat, the interux brightside is fairly cheap and easy plus it looks good but the 2 part stuff will be stronger and last longer and of course its more $$$ welcome to the forum :cool:

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    I don't know where you are located so I will post a site where you can order epoxy, glass tape and graphite powder. That is what I would use to repair your canoe Before painting. If you are interested in spending enough money to go that route you will find supplies here.

    I would suggest a 3 qt kit of epoxy $40+15 yds of 6 oz glass tape at $1 / yd and 8 oz of powdered graphite at $7. Your cost would be $63 plus shipping. With these materials you can add strength and stiffness to the spine of your canoe and give the bottom a coat of very durable and slick epoxy/graphite like airboats use to protect the bottom and ride smoothly over weeds.

    You decide and the forum members will have "how to" advice for free.

    I wish you well on the project and best regards,