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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Frank_Sebastian, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Frank_Sebastian

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been given a surf rod that is 12' long. (an older relative that no longer fishes) I have a Penn 900 series spinning reel with mono on it and it was suggested that braid will cast much farther, even on a spinner. This being the case, what test, brand and type should I look for? The price for 300 yards of 30# Power Pro seems a little high, but I want to get it right the first time.

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  2. backwaterbandits

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    Frank, it's hard to go wrong with Power Pro
    But if someone in your area carries Tuff Line
    it runs cheaper and I can't tell it from PP.
    You should really be able to wing that thing
    with braid on it! ;)
    Good luck and enjoy, Dave

  3. nightfly

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    everybody will probably have a different opinion on this matter. i use stren sonic braid i never get wind knots like you would with most other braids. i know some people who will only use power pro. there is a article in the new edition of sport fishing magazine that rates them. they do break strength and knot strength and a few other things check that out and it may give you a better idea of what you want.
  4. Gramps

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    I would go with 30lb at a minimum considering a 30lb braid is approx. the same diameter of 8lb nylon mono. Keep in mind, being a much smaller diameter than equivalent mono, with no stretch, the thin line will slice your hands (ask me how I know!  :mad: ) My bait casting setups run 50lb braid, even for trout & redfish applications, this aslo aides in knot tying & bird's nest untangling. 

    As to the manufacturer, that's a Chevy v. Ford debate. I have run power pro for 4 years with very few wind knots and even the same line on a few rigs.  Now to avoid buying a 300yd spool, put on your off-shore thinking cap.  How much main line (braid) do you anticipate actually using?  Try out this on-line calculator to see how much mono you need to load the reel in order to leave room for the braid.
  5. Frank_Sebastian

    Frank_Sebastian Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guys.

    I will have plenty of time to get it ready as the ocean here at Sebastian is a mess. I plan to go with 150 YDS of 30# and removing the mono and tying it on. I want to try to reach the offshore bar (about 70 yds) if possible.

    Best regards and thanks,
  6. TomFL

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    Frank, a couple things that will help you avoid any issues with braid:

    Don't fill the spinning reel all the way to capacity. It will tend to fall off the front of the spool since it's so light and limp, causing a good sized not. If this does happen, the trick is to not pull anything tight and it will come out.

    If you see a loose loop hanging off the front of the reel, don't open your bail to pull it off. Keep the bail closed, loosen your drag and pull the line off the spool that way. When you get to the loose loop, it will just pull off as normal. If you had opened your bail and tried the same thing it will have come off in a big mess, causing a wind knot.

    Lastly, you can close your bail manually. This helps by reducing the twist that occurs when the rotor spins before it picks up the line.

    Braid has a lot of advantages, so try to work through these issues and get used to it. I use it for everything but live baiting offshore, and I love it.

    Good luck out there

  7. SilentHunter

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    i tried out that

    invisibraid 20lb

    and ive had no complaints yet.

    biggest fish caught on it so far is a 30-32 inch snook