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  1. firecat1981

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    what different types of pole holders are available, I'm looking at making homemade push pole soon and need a way to secure it to my deck. What different types of holders are out there, and where locally can I get them (basspro? westmarine?)? Post up a picture if you can.
  2. Brett

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    Beckson at West Marine


    Mounted atop a block to prevent rattling against the deck


  3. mark_gardner

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    i got mine from custom gheenoe.com , they're tough and worth the money imo if you want to keep from losing your pole while driving down the highway.... i've already lost my a$$ persuing my boating/fishing passion i sure dont want to lose my pole too ;) :D ;D :eek:
  4. B.Lee

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    I made some 1/2 circle pvc holders on my Mirrocraft. I'm going to experiment with some better, more advanced PVC holders for the new skiff. Sorta like CG's, but home grown.

    I'm on a mission to spend as little dollars as possible and still get the biggest bang. The challenge is part of the fun. Or I'm just getting really cheap. ;)