Puppy Pics

Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by skinny_water, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. skinny_water

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    Got her a 2 weeks ago, and have been trying to get pics.  Leia is a 6 month old Doberman/Husky mix (pending DNA confirmation).   In many ways puppies are much harder to take pics of than kids.  They move quicker, and almost impossible to stage a pic.  Add to that we did it at a dog park so she had 100's of distractions!  But we made it work after 5 trips, 8+ hours, and 100's of digital images....



    This one would be epic... but really shot one shutter speed to slow

    And the winner!!!
  2. out-cast

    out-cast Well-Known Member

    That's a good lookin' dog Richard, congrats.


  3. rkmurphy

    rkmurphy Well-Known Member

    That dog is awesome. I am going to steal her. Lock your doors Rich!
  4. skinny_water

    skinny_water Well-Known Member

    Why lock my doors??? The vet thinks she is Husky/ German Shepard!