Public hearings set to discuss proposed manatee protection zones in western Pinellas County.

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    Public hearings have been set to discuss proposed manatee protection zones in western Pinellas County.

    Last year, St. Pete Beach Mayor Maria Lowe requested manatee zones under the Pinellas Bayway bridge.

    As a result, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is holding public hearings to hear what residents have to say about the possibility of speed zones in that area.

    The hearings will be held Tuesday, Jan. 27 and Wednesday, Jan. 28, both at 6 p.m.

    The Tuesday meeting will be held at Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium, 120 108th Ave. The Wednesday meeting will be held at the Clearwater Community Sailing Association, 1001 Gulf Blvd.

    If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can submit a written comment via email to or by mail to the FWC Imperiled Species Management Section at 620 S. Meridian St., Tallahassee, FL 32399.
  2. Vertigo

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    Re: DuGong NAZIS at it again !!!

    In my day we called them sea cows. I'm of the opinion that so called "Manatee Zones" are more about protecting property and making money than they are about manatees. The fact is that the manatee and manatee tourism have become big business in parts of Florida. I don't understand people who want to watch whales and pet sea cows, but they're out there and they have money to spend, so we have laws to help us take that money and as an added benefit can be enforced to enhance the serenity (and value) of waterfront property.

  3. kfa4303

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    Re: DuGong NAZIS at it again !!!

    In other words, with Manatee zones, everyone wins, most especially and importantly the manatees themselves. The tourists get their fill, the shoreline is preserved, the waterways are slower and therefore safer and again the manatees have an improved chance at survival. What's not to like about them?

    The only folks that could possibly mind, of course, have no business being on the water in the first place. The manatees were here first and have no where else to go, and also no thumbs and big brains. We have all of those things in abundance and can and should accommodate our selves accordingly. Funny how the same folks that "love nature" and were "raised on the water" are so often keen to kill, run over an uproot as much of it as they can find (see: vid of guy catching bait in his jon boat posted the other day).

    We're all blessed to have such beautiful, gentle, amazing and unique animals in our backyard, which is why all the world comes to see them (duh?). Perhaps, we should learn to appreciate them as much as they do rather than perpetually whining about such utterly insignificant First World problems of not being able to run you big fancy boat as fast as you want whenever you want where ever you want. (cue baby crying noises). For Pete's sake, my 4 year old niece isn't that much of a spoiled brat. Granted, you might have to leave 10 whole minutes early for your fishing trip, but somehow I think you'll survive.

    Also, anytime you have to resort to the ad hominem fallacy (ie name called; "DuGong NAZIS") you clearly don't have a single valid point to make. Never mind the fact that DuGongs and manatees are entirely different species, which live in different hemispheres in different aquatic conditions, etc...., but I digress. Then again, as a true "waterman" and steward of the seas, I'm sure you know all of this already. I'm sure.

    Of course, if worse comes to worse, I can always call my buddies Smiff & Wetson. They're *always* with me on the boat ;) Problem is, sometimes they get a mind of their own and like to give a kiss to the engine blocks of those folks who think that the rules don't apply to them on the water. They've even been known to *accidentally* cause pesky leaks below the waterline of said ruffians hulls. Oh, and there was that one their anchor line fell out and fowled that guys prop. Ah, well *accidents* happen on the water, so be careful kids. Be very, very careful ;)

    Grow up. Slow down. It's really not that hard.
  4. noeettica

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    Re: DuGong NAZIS at it again !!!

    How about a 12 Mph speed limit ...???

    Idle for 20 miles really ?

    I not talking about wanting to run 60 mph with Trips on a Yellowfin !!!
  5. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    Re: DuGong NAZIS at it again !!!

    An informed response from "elsewhere"

    "A lot of us who live here have had speed zones shoved down our throats that have little to do with manatee protection. If speeding boats in a given area are causing manatee mortality, then slow them down.
    If there are areas with little or no manatee mortality, then don't use the manatee and the endangered species act to enact unnecessary speed zones. It's politics by other means and you can bet it will draw an unpleasant reaction."

    Your "eco Terrorist" Response has been noted and Cross Posted !
  6. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Re: DuGong NAZIS at it again !!!

    Manatee zones are a fun topic to debate. I believe they are also a genuine tell-tale of law making failure. Kind of like red snapper in the gulf and the goliath grouper population explosion, lets not even mention the lionfish problem lol. Its a general showing of mis- management by state enforcement and lawmakers driven by $ and terrible science studies.
    20 miles of straight manatee zone would be intolerable.. but on the other hand i have no knowledge of the exact area inwhich you speak so i dont know if its a popular boating area or empty backcountry creek.
    Its funny in my area (stuart , fl) the manatee zones are literally in the areas that Never have manatees, to add insult to injury, the manatees in the area spawn in the absolute worst place imaginable, the stuart crossroads. If youve ever been to the area and had the "joy" to go thru the crossroads on a weekend day you know what insanity is like. On a flat calm summer day it can be 4-5ft in the crossroads, and i mean real 4-5 because theres a never ending lines of boats running wot going each and every different way thru the intersection including an untold number of sportfishers, and when all those wakes hit each other and "double up", ive seen it bring guys in 39' yellowfins to a slow crawl it can get so rough. And this is where the manatees choose to mate.....
  7. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Fixed your topic heading.
  8. backwaterbandits

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    I Must... :)
  9. Brett

    Brett > PRO STAFF <

    How about a 12 Mph speed limit ...for 20 miles really ?

    Funny, back when I was into jibs, genoas and mainsails,
    20 miles at displacement speeds was a run to Elliot Key from Coconut Grove.
    Never felt like I was being limited, just enjoying the day.
    Regs say you're responsible for the damage created by your wake
    and really don't want to hurt any of the local marine mammals.
    Aren't there speed limits now when passing under bridges anyhow?
    That's what we have locally, no wake signs to prevent collisions
    when passing through the fender lined bridge abutments.
  10. fishicaltherapist

    fishicaltherapist I Love!

    I continue to be ASTOUNDED at the LACK of "COMMON SENSE" when something may or does change the way we do things on this planet. Both sides of the Manatee zones get a bit overzealous at times. I believe in protecting the Manatees and can agree with "true and proper"zones." IMHO, there are zones in some ridiculous areas, without doubt. I also believe that the IDIOTS that have to display their STUPIDITY by blasting through every area THEY choose to, are the main reason we have the zones in the first place. I guess I just want to encourage "COMMON SENSE" for all parties. Thanks for this forum!
  11. Vertigo

    Vertigo Carpe Diem

    If you want a glimpse of true hypocrisy, consider that Florida offers permits that allow some individuals to operate at speed in manatee zones. Seems to me that defeats the stated purpose of the zones and reveals the true intent...$$$$ and getting the tree-hugger vote.
  12. noeettica

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    YUPP Yellofins and Contenders with Trips !!!

    Like I said I can draft very little at 12 Mph with my little "powered canoe"

    Owners or residents of waterfront property

    :eek: Property owners or residents who must pass through a No Entry or Motorboats Prohibited zone to access their property can be issued a permit to allow such access. These permits allow the resident (or guest, if authorized in advance) to access his or her property by vessel than . Authorized residents are issued a decal that must be affixed to their vessel. Residents can also be issued passes that they can give to guests in advance in the event that someone other than the resident needs water access to the property. :eek:
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