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Prop Woes

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I wasn't going to post this but I was hoping you can give me some insight on what to do.

I have a Skull Island Prowler modified with a Center Console and partial Kevlar package it's pretty lite weight. I have the Honda 30 on it.

I think Honda makes a great motor but doesn't do what my Tohatsu 30 did.

I am not an expert on props but understand a lot about them and been speaking to a lot of different prop companies and have results below.

Let's start with the stock Honda Prop 9 1/4 x 12P. With normal load and gear hit way too many rpm's without trimming up much. Hit 25-26mph at 6k and 30MPH at 6500 but I pulled back quick since it's over the recommended amount. Too much hole-shot, if there is such thing and no bow lift.

Had a PowerTech SRA3 12P. After about 5000 rpms didn't gain any more mph. Hit about 26MPH but the boat had zero hole shot and way too much bow lift. I was told by multiple people and PowerTech that the Honda's don't like a lot of cup and rake they just don't have the low end torque.

I now have a Solas 10x11 SS, ran it with two people and full gear and still had too many rpm's, hit about 24-25 MPH. I added Medium cup to the prop but didn't have my second person with me and hit 29mph at 6k. I could hit 31 but again too many rpm's at 6400. Now the weird thing, if I went against current and wind I dropped to 26mph. Again amazing hole shot.

I am looking to get 28-30mph with 2 people and gear with a decent hole-shot. I am tired of spending money on props, but I can't stop thinking about getting the correct prop. I am debating on going with the Solas 10x12 or 13 aluminum prop, testing it out and maybe adding some cup to it. I know one person who had the 10x12 Solas Stainless and didn't get great results (same boat and motor) I know another person with the same boat and motor who gets 30MPH with two people and gear on the Solas 10x12 stainless.

If I can over rev the motor with 10x11 stainless with moderate cup should I go with a 12 aluminum or 13? Then maybe add some cup?

Should I just skip it and go with the 10x12 Stainless Solas and see how it does and maybe add light cup to it?

I am afraid to go another stainless because of the cost and was thinking if I can get it right in aluminum I can get a similar stainless and modify accordingly.

I am hesitant on the Power Tech TLR3 because of the rake and cup on it as the SRA didn't do well on the Honda. Please let me know your honest thoughts. I know I can't have amazing hole shot and top speed but I am looking for the right blance. Even if that means the 10x11 Solas for fishing here in NE Florida, then switch it out with a bigger pitch for when I need to run longer distances in tournaments without oyster bars everywhere. Sorry for the book but I wanted to get all the information out there.

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Lou I can't help diagnose much but do you have a local prop shop? They can tune your stock prop or if you want to start over with a clean prop try Turning Point Propellers. I really like their stuff out of the box and with the aluminum a local shop can rework it for pitch, cup, etc., quickly and cheaply.

TP Props for you motor is a larger diameter 10.375 available in 11 and 13 pitch. Iboats has the TP Hustler in 13 pitch for $82 and Amazon will have them also.

Sorry I can't add much but an aluminum 13p with light cupping sounds like it should fit your needs.
I hear bad things about powertech from time to time...

try these guys:
Thanks everyone. I spoke to every company and decided on Michigan wheel vortex 10x13. I got it from General Propeller because they can modify the pitch, cup etc and they are in Florida and have it in stock. I hope to take her out before the weekend.

Thanks again!!
Thanks everyone.  I spoke to every company and decided on Michigan wheel vortex 10x13.  I got it from General Propeller because they can modify the pitch, cup etc and they are in Florida and have it in stock.  I hope to take her out before the weekend.

Thanks again!!
Are you in Jax? If so hit me up if you still need help I will help you prop it out right.
Answered! See ya soon!
The prop looks great but too much pitch in the 10x13 for two people, gear, cooler and livewell. Hit 25mph but no holeshot and was a dog. I would need to drop a pitch and add a little bit of cup. Not sure if it's worth putting the money into it so I have it for sale really cheap.

Put on the Solas 10x11 Stainless with Medium cup with the same weight and went 27mph with good holeshot. Looks like I am keeping the Solas and might add a hair more cup too it to reduce rpm's just another 50-100 and it will be perfect.

Thanks guys.
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