Prop on backward ? question

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by Tommysmicroskiff, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Tommysmicroskiff

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    If I turn a prop around backward will the boat move backward when in forward gear ?

    forget the mechanics of the install this is a hypothetical question
  2. jladdsmith

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    Does your reverse make your boat move backwards when you apply throttle? If so, then, yes. :D

    You asked not to mention the mechanics of installing a prop on backwards, so I won't mention that I have no idea how one would go about that.

  3. Brett

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    I get a big grin when someone looks at the world in a way I haven't,
    and asks a question that would be great to argue about over dinner.
    But, since a prop is still just a fancy screw anyhow, no...the reverse installation
    won't give you reverse drive in forward. The blades still orient for clockwise rotation

    but not very efficiently... :D ;D

    Hint: think about threaded rod...which end is the correct end to thread the nuts onto,
    and which side is the correct side of a regular nut?