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Prop for 169 Ghost

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Looking for a prop for my 169 ghost. Powered by a 2006 90 HP 4 stroke Yamaha. Currently have 4 blade and looking for a 3 blade. Unsure of what diameter and pitch to get. Current prop is a 20 pitch.
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Used to run a Yamaha Black Stainless 13x17 on my 2006 Ghost with 90 Yamaha stroke could only squeeze 5100rpm out of her. After trying different props and brands, I had a local prop shop tune another Yam Blk Stainless 13x17 into a 13x15 and now get 5500rpm out of her. Lost it 2 mphs though for doing that. Hole shot stayed the same as I had the 13x15 ported.
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