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I'm running the stock prop on my 2 stroke 15hp Yamaha and seeing pretty good numbers with lighter loads.

By myself: 24mph
Two people: 22mph
Two people and loaded for fishing: 21mph
Three people: 16-17mph :mad:

The boat is a flat bottom Tracker Grizzly 1448 with a manual jack plate and hydro foil. I'm extremely happy with the performance by myself and with two people. My goal is to be able to run 20 with three. I dont mind losing a little top end. Is it possible? What prop? RPMs seem quite a bit lower with 3 on board. Do I need a tiny tach before I go any further? Should I not fool with props and save for a 25hp? Any suggestions appreciated...


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I would probably get a 25hp and do 40mph but I think that 20 is easily done with a 15hp on that boat. I also have a 1448 jon and it would run 21 with a 9.9 and two people with gear.

First thing to do is run the boat in several different trim pin holes to find your most efficient (fastest).

Second have a buddy move from the stern to the bow slowly while watching your speedometer. Wherever it he is at when the boat is the fastest is where you need to put your gear.

After you have adjusted all you can then you will need to buy or borrow a tach to get the right prop.

I would bet that you could do 22-25 with everything correctly adjusted.

or you could do around 40 with a hopped 25 merc 2 smoke ;D

post your prop size and pitch and maybe one of the guys around here has one you could try before you buy.
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