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I have been reading around here for a while and finally made the move to get a micro skiff. I remembered my dad had an classic 16 River Hawk gathering spiders in the shed so I had a buddy drive it from Atlanta to chuck town. So far we have glassed in a front deck added horizonal rod holders and she just got her first coat of paint today. But I have hit a few Speed bumps.

I got a great deal on a 06' 8Hp Yammi 4stroke. But it is the standard size shaft not the short shaft. So to remedy the problem I had the guy throw in the kicker motor bracket that the motor was on. It looks like this
So i fgured I would just through bolt this bracket to the back of the boat and it will give me the four inches of rise I need to have to motor fit the transom properly....or am I very wrong???

Second the skeg on the motor is broke and missing the bottom inch or so what is the best way to remedy this??

Third the motor is an electric trim electric start... I got such a od deal I had to buy it any way. Where on the boat should I put the battery? I want to keep weight up front so I was going to build a battery box in front of the middle seat or in the dry storage in the middle seat.

What is teh smallest lightest battery that I can run this motor off of as space and weight are a huge issue.

Thanks alot in advance i promise to post pictures of the final product when im done


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You shouldn't have a problem using the kicker plate to mount the motor. In fact, many others on here have done similar things. Just make sure that you do the math to get it right the first time, so no re-drilling holes in the transom. Also, I would think about bolting the motor to the plate as well.
One thing I will say though is that my father has the exact same motor and I used to put it on my Riverhawk (15'4" model). Although I'm still fairly young and dangerous, I would not have been fully satisfied with the speed attained from it, and my boat was a little lighter than what you have.
I don't see why you would have to worry about the skeg, unless it is maimed so it hampers performance through causing excessive drag. I have about 1/2 inch missing from the bottom of my current motor and it's not a problem.
Finally, I would put the battery in the front. These boats are sensitive to weight displacement, and you are putting a (relatively heavy) four-stroke on the back. Putting the motor up front will give you better performance with the motor; you should level out faster and better and hopefully will have no porpoising problems as well as a slightly faster top end speed. As far as light batteries, I don't know much other than they can run you a lot of money. I'd personally get a good mid-grade (maybe gel cell) battery.
Get in touch with Brett on here. He's the Mac-Daddy when it comes to technical stuff like motor angles, displacement and mounting heights.
Oh yeah, definitely post pictures of your boat. I'd love to see it!
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