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Sooo I have a Scout 192 that I inherited. It was purchased from the factory with rigging long ago....BUT then the 2nd owner added a power pole, gps, radio and all seem to be wired direct to battery in some backward way.... I am no pro at wiring diagrams but I know this is pretty wrong :eek:

Anyone know a reputable dude who isn't going to rip me off in labor for just a touch up re-rig job? Everything works it just needs a bus box and/or some more switches on the console which is above my knowledge base. I really just want to make sure its a long term reliable boat so when I do bring it out to flamingo the GPS doesn't decide it wants to go on electrical strike.

If anyone by chance is a wiring wiz and wants to help me and tell me what to do I will buy all the beer and pizza you can eat in one sitting lol

Last question just ordered the Lowrance Elite 7 HDI I have read here people referencing it but no real good or bad? any tips for install/use specifically which chart to buy?
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