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I’ve been using Bettes Super Pro Menhaden 10’ 3/4” think they are 1.65# per foot, for years, they get job done but never last an entire year.
I am not terribly satisfied with their craftsmanship (tag ends left on Braille lines that need to be trimmed, nylon seems low quality etc).
Looking at Humpback, Calusa, and Black Pearl.
What are the real differences in above manufacturers?
Are they worth the extra $ compared to Super pro?
Would any in 1/2” sink as fast as 3/4” Bettes as I occasionally misread bait size and end up with a biblical Christmas tree of undersized greenies or pogies making my day much tougher.
Like the idea of internal leads on Black Pearl as I feel like I’m constantly freeing leads from Braille lines.
No one stocks any of above around here so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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