Prayers for family and family friends.

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    Wow… What an end to last week, and beginning for this week.

    Friday My youngest wakes up sick. Took the day off to sit with him with high temps and coughing. Entire weekend, including Monday was spent trying to get him better. Took Brandon to the Doctor to learn he has strep. Poor little man is still at home, but momma had to take a day off as I am desperately behind on a huge project at work.

    It only gets better. A very close friend of not only me, but my entire family calls me Friday to give me some news. Some was good, but I am not a liberty to discuss as of yet, but the other wasn’t so good. Mims’ Mother (Eatme’s grandmother) whom used to baby sit me as a child of >4 years. I always called her Grandma Claire. She is 93 and has been ill for some time with cancer, but her battle may soon be over. Mims says any day now. Clark, Randy you know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I will be there for you when ever you need.

    Oh, I aint done yet.

    Sunday morning the phone rings at 0730. My wife answers and I hear loud sobbing, so worried I go to check. It appears her 18 year old cousin freshly graduated, and attending college on an academic scholarship in Texas was killed Saturday @ midnight. He was driving some friends home as a designated driver to boot, and was struck head on by not only a drunk driver doing 90, but an illegal alien. So as the details are trickled in we find that he was not killed instantly, but rather from the jaws of life which apparently relieved the pressure that was keeping his insides in. No one else in the car was killed, and I am sorry the piece of shit whom caused this did not survive so he could be killed by me and the father of Jared. Funeral is this Thursday, so the suit is pressed.

    Please pray for Randy and Clark and the rest of his family as they prepare for the passing of a lovely lady whom thought the world of others. Who never ever did wrong towards others. Please pray for my wife’s aunt and uncle and the rest of her family as we prepare to bury a young man with nothing but lost possibilities of a great future. A young man who was admired by many for his zest for life, and powerful smile. Please pray for my little man as he rids himself of the strep.

    Hold your friends close, hold your family closer. Never be ashamed to say I love you to those who you do. Life is short. There are no promises for a tomorrow.
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    Prayers sent. [smiley=engel017.gif] and I'm sorry for your loss.

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    prayers sent, sorry to hear this
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    Tough time Curtis. Thoughts and prayers being sent to all.
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    wow, sounds like a very special lady there. The accident is just horrible, tragic and an outrage too. In times like this life can really tear at your inner strength and make you wonder what the hell its all about. Thoughts and prayers from here too. - eric
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    [smiley=engel017.gif] my prayers and thought from me and my family to you and all of your family and friends. sorry to hear for your loss. god bless.
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    All of my prayers sent to every one of you and may god bless u all.

    I'm very sorry about your loss.
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    As we all know (sometimes it is hard to believe) God never gives anymore than we can't handle. From my family to everyone involved, our prayers will be sent and keep your chin up as hard as it will be. [smiley=engel017.gif]
    God Bless
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    as always guys, thanks.

    walt, it is appreciated. ;)
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    My familys prayers are with yours also. So sad when a POS like that drunk driver takes such a wonderful life full of promise. Our community is in mourning for that fire fighter LT. that was killed in that Wendys shooting. God bless them.
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     Our thoughts are with everyone involved....Dave&Susan