Portable stereo ideas for Highsider

Discussion in 'Power it up with Electronics' started by AfterHours2, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. AfterHours2

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    Came across a pic of someone who made there own portable stereo setup. Don't like the idea of mounting permenant speakers and radio to console so I bought a nice Husky tool box that i plan on mounting a stereo inside with 2 5 1/4 marine speakers on the sides. Nothing permenant but I can take it in and out and it should be nice and watertight. Also, a small riding mower battery to hopefully give me power for a little while. Will post pics this weekend when I get started.
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    goes anywhere......almost  ;D


  3. AfterHours2

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    I have a Dewalt and Milwuakee work radios but with the florida weather I dont think they would make it in a good storm. Plus, no dry storage available. Do they make any nice portable weather proof radios that wont sink the boat with its weight?
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    This is what I carry on my skiff - not cheap but very small, very tough, very good sound. The tuner is excellent, its actually a stereo tuner thru headphones and the line out jack - I use mine plugged into an amplifier at home and it has reception and sound almost as good as my Magnum Dynalab tuner!

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    my buddies got a ryobi 18 volt radio that works great, its smaller than the dewalt and can be stored very easily. i carry a garbge bag for my dewalt if rain looks like its a threat
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    west marine used to sell a cooler with built in speakers and a mini amp that had a male head phone jack plug on it, the amp took 4 AA batteries, i have one around the house somewhere works great, i think it was called icy tunes? cheap too only like 30 bucks works great
  8. AfterHours2

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    Just waiting on all the parts to come in and I think I will just wing it. Thx for all the good ideas, I probably will end up using the ideas of all of you until I find something I like. Happy fishing! :D
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    I used to drive a big truck and we had a different truck everyday. I made up a box from an old Samsonite cosmetic case. Had speakers in the top, rubber duckie FM antenna and mag mount CB antenna. I even had a 150 watt lineir amp for the CB. Used it everyday for close to 10 years. Not water proof but got me through the day.
    I think I would just go with a boom box these days.
    Personally I would go with a Sirius Boom Box and a plastic bag for rain events