polarized sunglasses for eyeglass wearer

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by devrep, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. devrep

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    my son and fishing bud wears eye glasses and needs some good fishing shades. He can't afford to pay 300.00 for corrective polarized glasses. Anyone know of some decent polarized clip on sunglasses? I looked online and all I could find was cheap junky ones.
  2. AfterHours2

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    Havn't seen too many decent clip ons in the past. I wear contacts 99.9% of the time but I also needed something for fishing just in case. The best way to save some cash is to wait until he needs a new set of regular eye glasses and take advantage of the specials offered by your eye doctor. Most of the time they offer buy one get one or atleast half off the second pair. I ended up with a new set of glasses and a pair of Ray Bans polarized with my script for less than $300. Only issue is if your prescription is really bad then they have a hard time fitting lenses into certain frames which rule out rounded/curved styles..

  3. devrep

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    thanks for the response!
  4. JET4

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    Try cocoons eyeware
  5. backwaterbandits

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    There is another good brand that I've used for years.
    Check out "Fitovers" similar to Cocoons but are more available in my area.
    Costa makes a series they call C Mates that have good quality plastic lenses with readers if that is all you need.