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So i go this a few months ago and i just never play it anymore and my kids aren't into it either. RDR2 is amazing.

I have everything it came with, it works perfectly - id say for used it is in excellent condition. this is what it is:

I am in boca raton, FL - i can face-time or whatever to show it works.

ill throw in an extra push pole i have - no idea make or model, its light but i dont need two pick up only on pole.

$225.00 OBO (plus shipping if i have to send it) i still have the box and everything else it came with.

dont want to go on craigslist and have 900 scammers and bots annoy me to death.

anyways, many of us have kids - maybe yours would want this? live your dream of being a cowboy without the smell, the 95% bean diet and constant threat of being shot at randomly.
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