SOLD/EXPIRED PlayStation 2 for sale

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    Punkrawqer Hi, my name is Jon and I am addicted to Fishing...

    For sale is a PlayStation 2 original console style. It is in great condition and comes with the following:
    1x PlayStation 2 Original Console w/ power cord and AUX cord w/ s-video
    1x PS2 Memory card
    2x PS1 Memory card
    1x PS2 controller
    1x MadCatz PS2 controller
    1x Controller cable extender
    1x Expansion controller dock (allows 4 extra controllers to attach for multi-player)
    24x PlayStation 2 games (Listed below)
    14x PlayStation 1 games (Listed below)

    PS2 Games: Soul Caliber II, Ace Combat 4, TimeSplitters, 24 The Game, Super Trucks Racing, Conflict Global Terror, SOCOM I, II, III, Combined Assault, Taito Legends, Ford racing, Supercar Street Challenge, Need For Speed: Underground, Enter The Matrix, Prince of Persia II: The Two Thrones, All-Star Baseball 2004, God of War II, Monster 4x4, Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Ghost Recon, Fisherman's Bass Club, Corvette Racing, Eagle Eye Golf.
    PS1 Games: Spec Ops Ranger Elite, Army Men 3D, Crash Team Racing, Gran Turismo, Reel Fishing, Medievil I, II, Syphon Filter II, Championship Surfer, C-12: Final Resistance, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Aliean Trilogy, Rainbow Six, The Legend of Dragoon.