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Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by Sturgeon, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Sturgeon

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    Anyone familiar with increasing planing lenth/surface area using the hull extenders like beavertail boats sell. i want a little more bouyancy in the back and make my boat ride like it was 18" larger.

    Even considering putting tabs on the back of the hull extension. The difference in how a 16' rides vs a 20' is major and I already have an old boat which I got for next to nothing so going larger boatwise is not in the cards. The boat is an 18' hull from the 50's by Lonestar and already rides really flat so the ride angle should not be affected too much.

    Good thought, crazy idea :-/ all comments welcome
  2. Brett

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    How about power trim tabs that incorporate floatation chambers?
    Easy fabrication from sheet aluminum that can be foam filled for bouyancy.


  3. TomFL

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    Novel idea, Brett

  4. richg99

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    Check out Smart Tabs.They will keep your tail up when under way and get you out of the hole.

    If you need flotation too....then they are not the solution. I've added them to my last three boats. I run them on my CS skiff now. regards, Rich