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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by orlgheenoer, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. orlgheenoer

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    I was really the most scared i have ever been, But not scared for my life, and not scared for myself just scared for the world....

    I was looking at Dodge trucks in Orlando, and was driving away from the dodge place. Their was a women in her 30's sitting on a bench and I nodded my head and raised my fingers that were on the steering wheel. Proceded to that stop sign and waited becasue the road was busy as al get out. She comes walking down the street and Stops at my window and ask me "what are you doing?"

    I say "Nothing what are you doing?" in an unsure voice.

    then she replies"how old are you?"


    lady"oh your just a baby then"

    tanner: "why are you asking me"

    Lady:"I was gonna make some money from ya"

    Tanner: i tried to give her some change(not for anything in return) and she turns it down.

    as i drove away i said turn to jesus.

    :shock: To me its friggin scarey I wasnt even wanting it, i am 16.

    I am moving back to the mountians when i can :shock:
  2. whitesnook

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    Im glad u made a right choice of your life!
    sounds like she is a whore! im glad u left away from her!
    i did the same thing as before!
    u did a good job! smart!!
    it"s not worth it to  hook a hooker!
    U did a right thing Tanner!

  3. Weedy

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    I must admit that I laughed my butt off when I read your post above. However, I have to comend you for ending it like you did. I must say, to be 16 and say "No" says alot about you. Again, great job! ;)
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    Oh comes the soap box.


    you did the right thing by driving away. If she had of taken your money it would have been used for dope. I spent my day today executing a search warrant on the house of a 28 year old woman with 14 children (only four have the same last name) there was no running water, food blah blah you get the point. I wont freak out about it, but my point is this... sometimes it is the choices you make, sometimes it is the hand you are dealt.

    For example, Readers Digest recently reported that if you can answer yes to these three questions:

    1. Will you choose what you eat tonight?
    2. Do you have your own means of transportation?
    3. Do you own more than one pair of shoes?

    Then you are better off than 85% of the rest of the WORLD!

    The person you encountered today was trying to survive (in her own twisted way)

    I mention this because it is an opportunity to learn. You have been dealt a nice hand in life. Now, it is about choices. You made a good one today. Big choices ahead include formal education, or job training, relationships, alcohol, drugs etc.
    I am pulling for you. You are definitely going the right direction. You don't have to move to the mountains you will probably only find some hillbilly married to his sister living in a meth lab ;D there are problems everywhere. Don't change locations...just make good decisions.

    I didn't mean to go off..I really had a hard time today.

    The comment about not wanting any cause your only 16 was a little unsettling, but I am sure the other guys will rag you about that. ;D ;D ;D

    So, are you getting a new truck???
  5. tojo

    tojo Well-Known Member

    one more point.

    AIDS is the least of your worries if you are not doing "dirty deeds"

    Tuberculosis, which is airborne can be transmitted from close (not intimate) contact.

    Hepatitis is the other big one.

    EVERY hooker I know has one or all three. Did I mention scabies???
  6. brew1891

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    Good advice/rant tojo! And you made a good decision Tanner! and yes i did laugh when i read it!

    And another angle beyond what tojo said is this...even if you had jokingly played along with the lady to mess with her mind as many 16 year olds would have done, it could have been an undercover officer and you would have been in deep trouble...and from 33rd Street jail you'd be typing "honestly it was a joke"...its good that you handled it the way you did.
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    phishphood Beer is good, Beer is good, and stuff!

    Tojo, just how many hookers do you know? I'm kidding. Good decision Tanner. Keep them coming.
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    Good job Tanner, now we just need to wurk on yur spellun ;D
  10. inboardgheenoeguy

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    tanner what road was that on? Meth and hookers Tanner who are you hanging out with!
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    Thought it was you pulling in to that motel!
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