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pictures from a hospital pond

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after taking about 50 pics, these are the only ones that came out decent(in my eyes)

criticize please, how could i have made them different?

shot with a Canon Rebel XS and Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.5 lens


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The exif data from your photos shows you have motion blur from too low a shutter speed. At 300mm you need to be shooting at 1/250 second and preferably faster than that. The first and last photos were shot at only 1/60. In a situation like this you could choose AV mode, boost your ISO to 800 and make sure your aperture is wide open (which it was). Even at ISO 800 your shutter speed would be low on most of the shots, so leaning against something to steady the camera would have helped.

By using the P mode, the camera was making some of those choices for you, resulting in too low a shutter speed. On a bright sunny day you probably would not have had a problem shooting with the setting you had (ISO 400 and F5.6 or thereabouts).

Just look at your settings and remember your shutter speed should be your focal length or faster (100mm=1/100second,  250mm=1/250 second). If you can't get that shutter speed, then lean on something or increase your ISO.

Hope this helps you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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