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There are lots of pics here. It was a great show!!! We raised just under $1000 for CCA between the food and raffle sales. I cannot thank all the people who came, the CCA-Polk board members, and the staff at Off the Wall Adventures for helping to male this expo a massive success. The bar has been set high for next year's show!

Awesome Fishing Radio

Rolls Axle Trailers


East Cape Skiffs

Sexy Lostmen

Sexy Caimen

Kevin working his magic

Ankona's Copperhead Skiff

Marine Supply of Winter Haven with the 2100 Fusion

Bailey's Outdoors of Plant City


Finatic Designs and Wang Anchors

Skinny Water Culture.....GREAT SHIRTS and designs!!!!!

Gillz Shirts

Stone's Outhouse

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Seminar speakers...............

Capt. Todd Foucher

Eric Bachnik and Capt. Geoffery Page

Gus from Bailey's Outdoors

TJ Konitzer - Discover SCUBA

Rick Hess - GLoomis

Capt. Rob Salimbene

Neil Taylor

Capt. Lynn Zirkle

The Toddfather and Capt. Rob

Capts. Greg and Bryan Watts

Arnie Lane

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Jon, I want to personally thank you and the CCA for having us out. I can't wait until next year!

As far as other vendors go, it was all class out there! Thanks to everyone who helped us out! Good times!


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Looks like I missed one heck of a good time! :eek:

Heck of a show and great way to support the CCA! Two Thumbs Up.

Capt. Jan
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