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    Saw a Permit skiff at lunchtime in Flagler Beach...I really loved those boats back in the day.
    Anybody know the history on the hull? Why do I seem to remember something to do with
    the Mako Flats boat?
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    I have one. Don't really know all the history, but although the Mako 17 hull was the template for many of the early flats skiffs and while maybe inspired, don't believe the Permit was a direct knock-off. There are many differences. I fished out of Chokoloskee from the late 70's until ~ 2014 out of Mavericks and Dolphins and would see a Permit occasionally ( believe they were built in the middle to late 80's ). They appeared well suited for what we did (backcountry and edge of the gulf). Anyway, one showed up on Craigslist a couple of years ago and I bought it to use on our lake. My bass fishing son uses it almost daily. Although old and a little soft between the stringers, it remains a very stable platform and the large livewell serves as a release well for the bass guys. Saw one listed recently and saved this pic of the layout.

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    Back about.... oh... 28yrs ago, there was a company that had the molds up in Central FL and was building them. The about 20yrs ago, I saw the molds down in the Ft Myers area at a Marina on the north side of the Caloosahatchee River, off of Hwy 31 and 78. I think the marina was called Owl Creek. I fished once out of that skiff when I first saw it and love the look and the way it was so stable. Back then, I had a CC and wanted a flats boat again and was seriously thinking about it (early 90's). Never pulled the trigger tho. I think you could get a fully loaded boat with a 90 on it for around $11k back then. Then the next time I saw a finished boat at that marina, I was running a 20ft Backcountry Pro 201 Guide and the F&F of the Permit just wasn't that appealing any more compare to the BC.

    Still, with a little help, it could be resurrected, tho with all the competition these days, I don't know how it would fare. Definitely not a poling skiff.
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    Boats were wide and stable but would beat the snot out of you in a chop. Wasn't an easy boat to pole but she was stable
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    I've got a permit skiff with stringers separated from the hull. Hull is intact with no known leaks or cracks. I don't have the time to devote to it and hate to see it sitting there. It's on a good aluminum trailer. It's the stripped down hull only. Has poling platform, cleats and through-hulls. It needs to be pressure washed. Ready to be re-built by someone with the talent to do it in a reasonable amount of time. 0308392D-EC77-4EF1-B2C5-9C2F2B879959.jpeg 59DE16A0-E173-4388-BA36-59AF7D9B23E2.jpeg C83F4416-6516-4FBE-A46C-794A9680A98D.jpeg 42587CFE-E6B7-41AB-B91B-8382C8000129.jpeg 235CBFBD-A1D3-4AE0-B300-E0B57DF2C9E6.jpeg 86E02DB6-1545-4B3C-B386-687310C2BD9B.jpeg
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    How much are you asking for it?
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    Is still available and how much?
  8. LOL
    LOL that’s my husband’s boat you saw in Flagler Beach! How crazy is that! He has taken great care of this Permit! It’s a 1990 with a Yamaha 150 VMax. It’s a gorgeous fishing machine that’s for sure!

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