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Discussion in 'Blast From the Past' started by hammock pete, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. hammock pete

    hammock pete Active Member

    Saw a Permit skiff at lunchtime in Flagler Beach...I really loved those boats back in the day.
    Anybody know the history on the hull? Why do I seem to remember something to do with
    the Mako Flats boat?
  2. highndry

    highndry Member

    I have one. Don't really know all the history, but although the Mako 17 hull was the template for many of the early flats skiffs and while maybe inspired, don't believe the Permit was a direct knock-off. There are many differences. I fished out of Chokoloskee from the late 70's until ~ 2014 out of Mavericks and Dolphins and would see a Permit occasionally ( believe they were built in the middle to late 80's ). They appeared well suited for what we did (backcountry and edge of the gulf). Anyway, one showed up on Craigslist a couple of years ago and I bought it to use on our lake. My bass fishing son uses it almost daily. Although old and a little soft between the stringers, it remains a very stable platform and the large livewell serves as a release well for the bass guys. Saw one listed recently and saved this pic of the layout.

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