pentax w80 & playsport ?'s

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    Pardon the interruption....but, I figured there might be some of you camera folks on here that might can answer this with relative ease.

    1) Pentax Optio W80 - does it have an HDR mode, or similar mode?

    2) Kodak Playsport waterproof video camera - I was looking for a decent but inexpensive option to take to the beach (as well as lakes and rivers) to record some video of my 10 mth old's first time around water and the beach, without risking damage to my nice video camera. I found one of these that shoots in 1080HD at Wally World for $100. Is it worth the investment, or will my Pentax W80 work just as well? ....also I was planning on giving it to my wife so that it might encourage her to take more pics and videos of the little one, without having the pain of the bigger video camera.

    As usual, thank you for any and all usual advice!
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    I have the newest playsport and it takes decent stills as long as you don't zoom. Video quality is really impressive. However ithas done some some strange things at times as far as not turning off and though I always rinse it off well I have had issues w door hardware sticking after use in the salt. Corrosion Block remedied that.
    I guess I would mostly recommend it.

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    Im not aware of a camera that does HDR in the camera. I have only heard of HDR processing on your computer. I may be wrong.This is what I pulled off their website. If it shot in HDR it would be listed here:

    Exposure modes in the Pentax W80 include Green (fully automatic), Program, Auto Picture, and a wide selection of twenty scene modes. Auto Picture mode automatically selects from a subset of the scene modes as required - either Standard, Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene Portrait, Night Scene, Sport, Flower or Candlelight. The full selection of scene modes includes these plus Underwater, Digital Wide, Surf & Snow, Digital SR, Kids, Pet, Half Length Portrait, Fireworks, Text, Food, Digital Panorama, Frame Composite, and Report. Finally, there are two video modes - either Movie or Underwater Movie. Videos are captured as Motion JPEG compressed AVI files with monaural sound, and resolutions on offer include 720p (1280 x 720 pixels), VGA (640 x 480 pixels) or QVGA (320 x 240 pixels). Movie-mode frame rates are either 15 or 30 frames per second in any of these resolutions.