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Pellicer creek launches

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I’m looking to get out of my comfort zone and travel to a new place. I looked at the ramp at Favre Dikes State Park today but it’s too steep for my boat/car combo. Where do people who fish the creek launch?
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Devils elbow, green street, shores boat ramp is where I launch,I believe princes place has a ramp you can access it from but from the north of it devils elbow is probably shortest route,bait and tackle on site.7 bucks to launch eat at commanders after session a few doors down, then shots at sandbar(local dive bar) couple more doors down

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Bings is a good ramp and Captains Barbecue (Captain Chris Herrera) is a great place to eat afterwards. You can even call in your order when you head back.
You can also launch from Devils Elbow Fish Camp to the north but there’s a small fee. Or look up the Green Street ramp.
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