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  1. dingdangdoo

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    SO i have my Dolphin Super Skiff for sale and a gentleman wants to pay me through Paypal BUT he hasn't even stated he wanted to come and look at it or wet test the boat. He wants to send me the money to my paypal account. I suspect maybe a scam, so have any of you been through a situation like this. I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but me personnally. I would look at a boat and wet test it before i even talk money.
  2. flying_rob

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    Sounds like a scam. Call paypal and see if there is anyway he can access your account if you give him info.

    I have had this on craigslist where people email you and say they want to buy item send paypal info. I never do.

  3. fsae99

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    Did you talk to him personally? If just email sounds like a scam. He will want you to pay shipper (accomplice) and add that amount to the boat price.
  4. Kane_Thorp

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    Yeah, scam. I had about 70 of these on cl. A guy named Peter flood tried more than once. ;D
  5. JimCameron

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    Did you do a web search on "Paypal scams"? 

    For me the tipoff is if they didn't identify what it was that you were selling.  Do they refer to it as the "item"?  Second thing is obviously, no one is going to buy a boat without inspecting it.

    The easiest scam is someone pays with PayPal, you ship the item, then they advise PP that they never authorized the payment and get a well as the item.

    I've sold a lot of boats over the years.  Never a problem.  It is strictly a "cash payment in U.S. Currency only" kind of activity.  In fact, if it is for more than a few thousand dollars, the transfer is done in a bank where the cash can be run through a counting/counterfeit detection machine.

    I have accepted bank checks from local banks only, and verify them with the bank.
  6. yeffy

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    Scam. I sell on eBay and other auction sites. Paypal favors the buyer and will screw seller in their "claims" resolution. Like others have said deal in cash in a public place and if it seems suspicious, it is.
  7. dingdangdoo

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    yeah i went back and they refer the boat to as "item" which sucks and i did send him my email of the acccount that i recieve and send payments from but i changed it to a diffrent email account. I hope this doesn't kick me back in the butt
  8. dingdangdoo

    dingdangdoo I LOVE FISHING

    "Sound good,i will arrange for the pick up agent to come for the pick
    up from your side as soon as the payment clears Ok i got it i will
    proceed with the payment as soon as i hear back
    from the pick up agent now..Thanks and nice doing business with you"

    "Thanks for the mail..I really love it's details and condition and i am
    ok with the price but i can only make the payment via can
    easily set up a paypal account on and send me the email
    address you used to register so that i can put the money through and
    we will arrange for the pick up as soon as you have confirmed the
    money in your bank account..If you already have a paypal account,send
    me the email address you used to register with paypal so that i can
    effect the payment to you.Get back to me asap.."

    this is what they have been sending me on Craigslist. Don't think i will be using it anymore!
  9. mark_gardner

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    that is without question... a scam ;)
  10. AfterHours2

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    Ive actually sold an item this way but what your describing is surely a scam. I had a soldiar overseas pay me for a International Scout this way and have his sister pick it up from my residence. The emails were a lot more informative and he would not take delivery until I had the funds in hand. Took a while but it was kind of nerve racking. Probably would not do that again and just settle for cash in hand...
  11. CurtisWright

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    Broken English.....Only Paypal......dont be an idiot.  no one buys a boat sight unseen. 

    Tell him to mail you cash. ;D
  12. cutrunner

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    To better answer your question, im going to need you to send me all your pay-pal account information so i can verify whats going on. ;)
  13. dingdangdoo

    dingdangdoo I LOVE FISHING

    well all i gave him was my the e-mail where he sends payment to me so hopefully he doesn't or can't access my accounts that way. I will keep an eye on it, amazing how efficient and cunning they can be.
  14. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Yea , especially when they cant even type proper english
  15. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    get the money then close the paypal account and change your email.
  16. This is a total scam bro! The sure tell is the bad grammar and broken English. I had some A- hole try this with me a few years back when I posted my boat on Craig's list. I did sell it from Craig's list to a local guy though! Face to face. ;)
    P.S. I'm also getting $5 million from the Brittish console in Africa! :p