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  1. tom_in_orl

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    I have been asked for a referral for an off shore chapter. They are looking for one of those party boats. I have never gone out on one. Anyone know of a decent one within 2 hour drive of Orlando?
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    orlando princess always comes back to the dock with lots of fish. I havent been on it but have seen her return many times. its in pt canaveral

  3. tom_in_orl

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    Thanks for the info.

    These were the once I found by searching.

    Daytona Beach
    Critter Fleet (800) 338-0850;

    New Smyrna Beach
    Pastime Princess (800) 881-2628;

    Port Canaveral
    Orlando Princess (321) 784-6300;

    Double Eagle (877) 446-1653;

    Tarpon Springs
    Viking Fleet (727) 938-5300;

    Tarpon Springs
    Two Georges aka Dolphin Deep Sea Fishing
    (727) 937-8257
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    it's better for u to do it in the winter time (Nov thru Jan).....bring alot of FAT grouper and FAT snapper alot closer to the party boat. :)

    Right now, U are expecting Cobia, Maui Maui,  small snapper,  small grouper and spanish mackeral in this season but not always.......Orlando Princess is a great service with free breakfast and lunch (food is not bad) plus U can have 6 bheer on the boat standing next to the person tangle your line right next to your pole. ::) ::)

    If I were you, Get a Private Charter and Split with 6 people with money.....way better fishing in private charter than party boat. :-/

    IF you still want go to the party boat with your family or whatever....better to make a private reservation for back of the boat (more room and less hassle with your line). ;)
  5. tom_in_orl

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    Its not for me. Its for a work buddy's family member who is in from Ireland. He is here for a short time and he is the only one going. The irony is that I offer to take him out on the Lagoon Saturday. For free and he passed. Guy must like his party boats.
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    well it's good to know you know so much. and i guess all the snapper, aj's grouper, yt's i see comin off that boat are trash?

    geez my bad. thank god we have a professional on this board to keep us ignorant folks in line boss.

    tom, call boodreaux ssat morning early, he can give you some good info. (boodreauxs boondauks on espn radio) heck you might can score some free passes to one of them party boats, if whitesnookey agrees that they are ok to go on, or 25$ BPS gift catds. tell him curtis says he is cursed too, it will get you more free stuff!!!
  7. thresher

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    There is a pretty reputable one here in St Augustine and they're cheap (like $80 + tip) for a full day. I was thinking it might even be fun to get some of the microskiff crowd to get together and go out on one one afternoon for some beers/and bottom fishing for the heck of it. Meet and greet kind of a thing. Let someone else drive the boat ya know.
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    Damn crazy Europeans. [smiley=slapped-with-a-fish.gif]

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    Tom, since you have Clearwater listed check into Hubbards
    Marina @ Johns Pass, Maderia Beach. They run everything
    from half day to overnight 36+ hour trips....Prices are up w/
    fuel like it is but crowds are down with the economy so should
    have no trouble getting on a boat...Also less people off shore
    (and more inshore ::) ) and I hear fishing has been good...
    Good luck! Dave
  10. tom_in_orl

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    Thanks for all of the responses guys. I have forwarded them over.