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parts for t/t manual release valve

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I have a 1999 Johnson 50 2-stroke. The engine slowly leaks down when trimmed up. I think the manual release valve is bad. If I pull it out will t/t fluid come out? Can I buy o-rings for it and what size? Thanks.
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So, I removed the valve and saw that the seal on the valve towards the rear was broken. This seal is the smallest of them in the valve assembly. I called my local marine shops and none of them had the seal.

I went to Lowes Home store and started poking around the plumbing department. In the faucet/sink repair area I found a multipack of seals that looked suspiciously familiar. Took it home and wouldnt you know, one of them fit perfectly. Looks like a dead match. At $1.62 for the pack it was a good deal, considering the OMC version was $2.26.

Everything works now...except that my rack steering is frozen. Its always something.
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