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    On my way home from Gander Mountain last night, I came upon this guy lying in the middle of the road.

    When I first pulled up, he was thrashing around on his back, but he quickly became still. I could see he was breathing and there were no apparent injuries. After blocking the road with my truck so he wouldn't get run over, I waited about 20 minutes for him to revive. Many people stopped and asked questions, some even help barricade the road around the owl while we waited for animal control to arrive.

    Over time, he became so still that I was afraid he was dying. I grabbed my fly rod case and gave him a couple gentle prods, which woke him up and he got to his feet by himself.

    After another 20 minutes, animal control arrived and picked him right up without any fuss.

    A quick examination determined that the bird had no obvious injuries or broken bones, but would be taken in for a veterinary examination. The officer seemed certain that they'd be able to release him back in the neighborhood within a few days. To see this owl up close, with wings fully extended was very impressive and gratifying. :)
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    Good job. Most people would of not taken the time.

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    some owls taste good(taste like chicken)