OT-I might be looking for a FL Condo.....any ideas?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by richg99, Aug 5, 2010.

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    My kids and grandkids just enjoyed a week in Clearwater. They tell me that there are many homes/condos/town-homes for sale...and..of course...- I - should buy one.  Ha!  Then they could use it .

    Anyhow, I have given some thought to buying something that would be close to one or the other coasts... but not too expensive  Town-home or condo.. two beds; two baths or larger.  Any ideas? Any friends with one that they'd sell for a reasonable price?  I don't want a "fixer upper" but I am handy.  thanks, Rich
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    It's a buyers market, that's for sure. Cape Coral and Leigh High Acres are full of empty houses. A buddy of my neighbors just bought a $200K+(what the previous owner paid for it) house for 75K. It's located in Alva. Needed some work, but was livable as is. Get an agent in an area you are looking at, they all have to work for living these days, you should get good service. It seems like you need to visit several places here in FL and do some "market research". Bring your fishing gear. ;)

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    Be careful down here...there are so many places for sale that you can easily get sidetracked from your original goal.

    If you need financing good luck getting it for a condo or townhome. Banks are very tight on lending where they don't own the dirt and are not in control. they are difficult because there are so many houses (with dirt).

    In Pinellas county foreclosures are starting to pick up pace. There are probably 25,000 +/- houses for sale in the area (take your pick).

    If and when you get more serious reach out to me and we can discuss your ideal property and I can give you a rundown of the areas to look at. I also have an attorney that can help you out.

    For the record, I am not a realtor, attorney, mortgage lender, etc; I have no vested interest other than lending a helping hand to a microskiff brother.
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    I want you're island! ;)
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    WOW - I was way off
    38,805 in Hillsborough County
    36,784 in Pinellas County
    17,200 in Pasco County
    15,015 in Manatee County